Collection: Gerhard Pianos

Gerhard Pianos were produced by the Gerhard Heintzman Company, established in 1877 in Toronto by Gerhard Heintzman, nephew of the famed piano maker Theodore Heintzman. Gerhard Heintzman initially began his piano-making career by building pianos by hand, producing about ten pianos annually in his early years. By 1885, the company had grown significantly, employing 50 to 60 workers and producing around eight pianos each week​.

Gerhard Heintzman pianos were renowned for their superior craftsmanship and robust construction. They featured a range of designs and were known for their rich, resonant tones and exceptional durability. The company produced both upright and grand pianos, with a particular emphasis on quality and precision engineering. These instruments were highly regarded and became a popular choice in many Canadian homes and concert venues.

The Gerhard Heintzman Company continued to flourish until Gerhard's death in 1926, after which the company was acquired by Heintzman & Co. Despite the consolidation, the legacy of Gerhard Heintzman pianos endures, and they remain prized by collectors and musicians for their historical significance and enduring quality​.