Collection: Hasbrouck Pianos

Hasbrouck pianos, crafted by the Hasbrouck Piano Company, originated in 1886 under the leadership of George Gross Hasbrouck in Nyack, NY. The company is notable for its production of upright pianos, which were also referred to as “cabinet grands” due to their robust design and powerful sound. These pianos are noted for their durable construction and pleasant sound quality, which made them popular among households and smaller music venues of their time. Hasbrouck pianos were also appreciated for their ability to maintain tuning stability and withstand rigorous use, making them popular in educational institutions and music halls. These pianos were available in eleven different styles, ranging in price from $375 to $650, reflecting their accessibility and appeal during that era. Each style was built to deliver quality sound performance and durability, making Hasbrouck pianos a reputable choice in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

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