Collection: Howard Pianos

Howard pianos, produced by the famous Baldwin Piano Company, originated in the late 19th century as part of Baldwin's efforts to offer a range of pianos that were both high-quality and affordable. These instruments were designed to meet the needs of a growing middle-class audience, providing durability and excellent musical performance at a more accessible price point than some of Baldwin's higher-end models.

Known for their robust construction and reliable sound, Howard pianos were made in a variety of styles, including grand, upright, and later, player pianos. The brand is particularly noted for its fine craftsmanship, a characteristic inherited from its parent company, Baldwin, known for precision in manufacturing and innovative design.

Howard pianos remain popular among collectors and musicians who appreciate vintage instruments for their historical value and enduring quality. They are often restored to preserve their rich, melodic sound and the aesthetic charm of their early 20th-century designs.

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