Collection: Meister Pianos

Meister pianos, produced by Rothschild & Company, began manufacturing in 1895 in Monroeville, Ohio, and were marketed through the Rothschild Department Stores in Chicago. Known for their good quality and affordability, Meister pianos became popular across America, particularly due to Rothschild's aggressive financing options, allowing customers to purchase pianos with easy payment plans. These pianos were sold both in stores and through mail-order catalogs, making them accessible to many middle-class families.

Meister pianos were available in both grand and upright styles. While specific details about their tonal quality and craftsmanship are less documented, their widespread sale suggests a reliable standard that met the needs of many households. Production of Meister pianos continued until 1923, just before the Great Depression, when the line was discontinued.

Today, Meister pianos are appreciated for their historical value as instruments that reflect a significant era in American retail and piano manufacturing. They serve as reminders of the innovative marketing strategies and the democratization of piano ownership in the early 20th century.

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