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The Needham Piano Company, originally established in 1846 by Elias Parkham Needham and Jeremiah Carhart in New York, initially focused on producing organs and melodeons. As the popularity of pianos grew in the late 19th century, the company, then known as E. P. Needham & Son, began manufacturing square and upright pianos. These instruments were known for their solid construction and quality craftsmanship.

By the early 20th century, the Needham Piano & Organ Company had expanded its product line to include a variety of upright pianos, player pianos, and baby grands. The company enjoyed a fine reputation for producing reliable and well-crafted instruments. In 1912, the firm was acquired by Kindler & Collins, who continued to produce pianos under the Needham name until the Great Depression, when production ceased.

Today, Needham pianos are appreciated for their historical significance and the robust quality that characterized their construction. Restored Needham pianos serve as beautiful examples of early American piano craftsmanship and are treasured by collectors and musicians for their rich history and enduring sound quality​.

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