Collection: Ritmüller Pianos

Ritmüller Pianos were founded in 1795 by Andreas Georg Ritmüller and his son, Gottlieb Wilhelm Ritmüller, in Göttingen, Germany. Originally a workshop for lutes, guitars, and harps, it transitioned to piano manufacturing at the turn of the 19th century. The company's early success was marked by their innovative designs and high-quality craftsmanship, attracting notable musicians like Johannes Brahms, who often played Ritmüller pianos during his time in Göttingen.

Key features of Ritmüller pianos include their use of traditional European craftsmanship combined with modern technology. These pianos are built with wet sand-cast iron plates, which contribute to their rich, resonant tone. The soundboards are made from close-grained solid spruce, known for its excellent acoustic properties. German hammers and felt, along with rock maple bridges and pin-blocks, further enhance the pianos' sound and durability.

In 1990, the Pearl River Piano Group in China acquired the Ritmüller brand, aiming to preserve its legacy while integrating advanced manufacturing techniques. The collaboration led to the creation of the Ritmüller Classic, Professional, and Premium series, which blend the brand's historical German designs with precision CNC technology. Learn more about this brand from the manufacturer’s website.