Collection: Straube Pianos

Straube Pianos, founded in 1895 in Chicago, Illinois, by William Straube, is known for its innovative approach to piano manufacturing and commitment to high-quality craftsmanship. William Straube was a skilled craftsman and visionary who sought to create pianos that would stand out in both sound and design. The company moved its operations to Hammond, Indiana, in 1904, where it expanded its production capabilities and continued to refine its manufacturing techniques.

One of the unique features of Straube pianos was the introduction of the "Duo-Art" reproducing piano system, which allowed the pianos to play pre-recorded music rolls with expressive nuances, closely mimicking a live performance. This innovation set Straube apart from many competitors and made their pianos particularly popular during the early 20th century.

In addition to their technological innovations, Straube pianos often featured unique design elements, such as intricate inlays and custom finishes, which catered to a clientele that appreciated both the functional and aesthetic aspects of a fine instrument.

Throughout its history, Straube remained dedicated to producing pianos that met the highest standards of quality and innovation. Today, Straube pianos are valued by collectors and musicians for their historical importance and the enduring excellence of their craftsmanship. These instruments are cherished for their unique combination of technological advancements and traditional piano-making artistry.