Collection: Strohber Pianos

Strohber Pianos, established in 1885 by John Strohber in Chicago, Illinois, became notable for their innovative designs and commitment to quality. As part of the Smith, Barnes & Strohber conglomerate, the brand quickly gained a strong reputation in the piano industry. The company distinguished itself by using the patented "Improved Harmonic Scale," which enhanced tonal quality and resonance, setting Strohber pianos apart from many competitors. Another distinctive feature of Strohber pianos was their advanced player piano line. These pianos incorporated reliable and expressive mechanisms, allowing for dynamic playback of pre-recorded music rolls. This technology made Strohber player pianos highly popular in the early 20th century, offering an engaging musical experience that closely mimicked live performance. Today, Strohber pianos are appreciated for their historical significance and enduring quality.

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