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Tokai Pianos, manufactured by Tokai Gakki Co., Ltd. in Hamamatsu, Japan, have a rich history dating back to their establishment in 1947 by Shiro Matsumoto. Initially, the company focused on producing acoustic guitars and other musical instruments, but later expanded to include high-quality pianos. Tokai pianos are renowned for their excellent craftsmanship, combining traditional Japanese methods with modern production techniques to create instruments known for their superior sound and durability.

One of the distinguishing features of Tokai pianos is their use of premium materials. They incorporate German strings, American bridges, and Japanese hammers, which contribute to their rich, resonant tones and exceptional durability. The pianos are constructed using top-grade woods like spruce and mahogany, ensuring that they maintain their quality and sound over many years. Tokai's attention to detail in both the internal mechanics and external finishes makes these pianos highly regarded among musicians.

Tokai offers a range of pianos, including studios, uprights, grands, and consoles, all available in high-polish and satin finishes. Their instruments often include advanced features such as bass agraffes, Royal George T pin hammer felt, and reverse locking tuning pins. The company's commitment to quality is evident in their 12-year full warranty on all their pianos. This blend of innovative features and traditional craftsmanship has made Tokai a respected name in the piano industry​.

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