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Whitney Pianos, produced by the Whitney Piano & Supply Company, were first established in 1890 by Alvin, Arthur, and Frank Whitney in Chicago, Illinois. The company was officially incorporated in 1895 and was soon acquired by the W.W. Kimball Piano Company. Under Kimball's ownership, Whitney pianos were marketed as more affordable alternatives to Kimball's higher-end models, offering similar quality but at a lower price point.

Whitney pianos were primarily produced as upright and spinet models, designed to be durable and functional, making them suitable for home and school use. These pianos were known for their average but reliable tone quality, providing a satisfactory playing experience without the premium cost associated with more expensive brands. The use of high-quality materials and craftsmanship ensured that many Whitney pianos have remained in good working condition to this day.

The Kimball Piano Company continued to manufacture Whitney pianos until 1955. Despite the cessation of production, Whitney pianos are still appreciated by pianists and collectors for their historical significance and dependable performance. Restored Whitney pianos, such as those finished in elegant oak or walnut, are valued not only as musical instruments but also as pieces of fine furniture​.

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