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Wing & Son Pianos, established in 1868 by Luman B. Wing in New York, quickly became known for their high-quality instruments. Initially part of the firm Doane, Wing & Cushing, the company transitioned to Wing & Son in 1873. The company was a family-run business with Frank L. Wing taking over after Luman's death in 1873, followed by his son R. Delano Wing in 1905​.

One of the unique features of Wing & Son pianos was their 5-pedal design, which allowed these pianos to produce sounds mimicking other instruments like the harp, zither, and mandolin. This innovative feature, often referred to as "Orchestral Attachments," made their pianos particularly popular and set them apart from other piano manufacturers. The company's marketing strategy also contributed to its success; they sold their pianos exclusively through lavish mail-order catalogs and offered free trials and financing options, making their instruments accessible to a wide range of customers​.

Wing & Son pianos were noted for their robust construction and aesthetic appeal, often featuring beautifully carved panels and rich moldings. These pianos were considered high-end instruments, and their sound and touch quality were highly praised. Despite their popularity, Wing & Son went out of business during the Great Depression, with no further records of the company after about 1931.

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