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The Campbell Family Piano!

The Campbell Family Piano!

I have a deep love of pianos that all started with my grandma’s Conover. My grandma learned on this piano, my mom learned on this piano and then I learned on the very same piano. Throughout the years playing the piano has been my greatest source of peace and calm. I’m no concert pianist, but I’ve played since I was 3 years old.
My great Aunt Flo (short for Florence) was childless and delightfully eccentric. She bought the piano brand new but never learned to play herself. My grandmother stayed the summer with her one year and took piano lessons and learned on it! My aunt then willed it to her and that’s how it came into my family. It’s a beautiful upright with gorgeous details. I have so many wonderful memories of Christmas’s and family get together, gathered around the piano. It was eventually passed down to my mom and actually passed to me at one time but we decided it should go back to my mom’s for a while longer. During the time it was at my house I taught my younger brother and sister on it as well. This piano means so much to me, I really don’t have the words. More than anything it feels like home. When I play it it feels like I’m home, at my grandma’s with all my family.

  • YEAR 1900-1910
  • MAKE Conover
  • SERIAL NUMBER 106886
  • FINISH Mahogany
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