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K kawai

The Carter Family Piano!

The Carter Family Piano!

I have played the piano from age of 4 (I am now 81) I learned from my mother the first year and then studied with Catholic Nuns in California before we moved to Utah as a teen. I had lessons from my mother's old friend and then McCune School of Music in SLC and then at the University of Utah with Dr. Lamar Petersen. In the last 15-20 years I have pr0vided service through the LDS church by playing the pianos in Temple Square at the Joseph Smith Bldg. and the Conference Center until Covid hit. and then for the Joseph Smith Bldg. until it closed for renovation and then last year at the Assembly Hall. That bldg is now closed for renovation. So here I sit, although I am the ward organist.
We bought our 6.1 grand piano in 1972 or 3 and our house wasn't quite finished so Daynes was ready to deliver the piano and literally had to move the piano in over huge rocks and piles of dirt to the house. Our children and grandchildren have loved to play the piano. The finish has been damaged due to our youngest daughter wanted to be helpful for visitors so she dusted and cleaned the piano with window cleaner! Oh my! and due to active grandchildren, a few of the keys have been chipped.

  • YEAR 1970-1980
  • MAKE K kawai
  • FINISH Wood Finish
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