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Beloved broken Viennese Grand with heartwarming twist!

The Fox Family Piano!

The Fox Family Piano!

The story is about Kimball viennese 6’ 8”, bought for my daughter because we love bosendorfer pianos and this seemed the closed we ever could afford. Unfortunately we relied on poor judgement and when the piano arrived the finish revealed cracked and had no recall with the seller or the transportation company. The finesse and acoustics made up for the cosmetics and we love this irreplaceable grand piano, manufactured in about 1993.
My daughter plays piano and had a scholarship for a music degree education but unfortunately had mental issues and had to quit. I love this piano’s magnificent exquisite sound like no other- really- you should try ( just needs a little work and an exterior cosmetic renewal) - so when my daughter quit i decided to teach myself to play because I can’t live without it. It’s never too late. This year I started using the black keys. You actually bid on an exterior redo some time ago for around $3,500. but I believe it could use some additional reworking on the keyboard-action and some dampers don’t work well. If this piano does not now qualify for heirloom status, it will. Good news, Jasmine my daughter is slowly coming around and hopefully will pick up her career direction again soon.

  • YEAR 1990-2000
  • MAKE Beloved & broken Viennese Grand with heartwarming twist!
  • SERIAL NUMBER Kimball R11314. 670P
  • FINISH Black / Ebony
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