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J C Fischer

The Powell Family Piano!

The Powell Family Piano!

My mom has been a third grade teacher for 8 years and has to take care of 4 teenagers, and is the best mom in the world, she has worked so hard for us to have an amazing life and great opportunities and I believe she deserves the world.
My moms aunt asked if she wanted to have this big gorgeous piano for free, my mom was so confused and her aunt said that it had never been played and just sat as a decoration in their house. So my mom said she would love to have a piano, so we went to go pick it up from the house and moved the big piano outside and into the moving trailer. Before we or my moms aunt had gotten this piano it was my aunts neighbors and she asked if my aunt wanted it, and of course my aunt said yes and they wheeled the piano across the street and up the stairs into her house. But when my mom got the piano she was so happy she could finally work on playing the piano, for she only did piano lessons for a month, and she could get me and my brother piano lessons. We have had the piano for about 9 years, and most the keys don’t work or only work sometimes and my mom is very sad that she can’t hear us play on the pretty piano anymore. We have to play on a electric piano and it does not sound as nice.

  • YEAR 1800-1900
  • MAKE J&C Fischer
  • FINISH Walnut
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