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F.Doerner Stuttgart

The Turnbow Family Piano!

The Turnbow Family Piano!

My family has moved through Europe and Asia, and now back in Utah. Along the way, we have picked up some wonderful memories, history of the world, seen different cultures, and broad back some wonderful pieces of history through furniture.
I bought this piano in Germany. It was to be a birthday gift to myself. The store was something of a secondhand store, and I found this Piano behind other furniture. The owner didn’t even know it was there. It stated somewhere between 1875 and 1890 based on the serial number. I’m not at home right now, but I will be tomorrow to send the serial number. I’ve moved this piano with me through three different continents. The Piano was built in the lady 1800s right before the owner brought his sons into the business and it became F.Doerner & Sons.

  • YEAR 1890-1900
  • MAKE F.Doerner Stuttgart
  • FINISH Mahogany
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