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Christmas Music from Piano Academy

For as long as I can remember, the rule in my house growing up was that Christmas decorations went up the day after Thanksgiving. While some of us kids got grumpy about it once in a while (sorry, Mom), we all helped to put together the Christmas tree, add lights and ornaments, and place other various decorations around the house. But the thing that always came out of the box first was the Christmas music! It didn't feel like Christmas until we were dancing and singing to "Rocking Around the Christmas Tree." Although I haven't been home for the decorating part for several years, I still love going home for Christmas break and getting to listen to Christmas music with my family - and playing the piano while we sing hymns on Christmas Eve.

Many of us here at the Conservatory have traditions that center around Christmas music (shout-out to our Christmas sing-along next Monday!). In that spirit, we asked some of our faculty to share a favorite Christmas song. We got quite a wide range of styles and genres! Listen to some of those songs here:

Lots of our piano students are learning Christmas songs, too! From the silly to the sacred, we just love the spirit that this music brings. Most importantly, we love that Christmas music helps us to focus on the birth of Jesus Christ, who is the reason and meaning behind Christmas. We hope you'll use music this month to celebrate with your families and bring joy to others!

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