Piano Lessons Blog - Adult Piano Lessons - Learn the LDS Hymns!

Adult Piano Lessons - Learn the LDS Hymns!

Karmel Larson

The Piano Academy at Utah Piano Conservatory has openings for Adult Piano Lessons at 6 and 7pm on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights, as well as 1pm on Fridays.

Have you always dreamed of playing the piano?
Do you want your family to gather and sing the hymns?
Does the call of Christmas Carols in your home ring in your heart?

You can learn to play the piano! I would love to give you a private tour of our facility and share with you our comprehensive teaching style that is perfect for the adult beginner to advanced levels. You will receive private instruction in a social setting, so you experience the BEST of both worlds!

AND - - we've updated our music theory technology lab with adult friendly apps and resources that are engaging for the adult learner.

Give me a call and come see what you are missing out on!

Karmel Larson

UPC Director


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