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An Attitude of Gratitude

To best help our students develop both talent and testimony at piano lessons, we focus on one virtue each month from the Virtue for Virtuosos list. This month our faculty and students are focusing on GRATITUDE! This virtue ties in perfectly with the season and with Thanksgiving coming up right around the corner. When people hear the word gratitude, they often think of things they are grateful for. However, have you ever thought or wondered if having an attitude of gratitude could change your life? According to many studies, it totally can!

Here's a short list of 10 benefits gratitude can bring into your life!

It can bring happiness.
It can improve health and helps keep people away from the doctor.
It strengthens emotions.
It helps develop a person's personality.
It increases optimism.
It reduces materialism.
It increases self-esteem.
It improves sleep.
It can increase energy levels.
It reduces feelings of envy.

Focusing on the good in life is the overall act of gratitude. When people perceive their current life to have more good in it than bad, they are able to view their life and circumstances in a positive way.

What are you thankful for? Feel free to share your thoughts on our Facebook page! Happy November!

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