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Effective Piano Practicing Tips 101

Practicing the piano can be a lot of fun, but after a while students may start to feel stuck or lose interest in what they are practicing. Is there a way to make piano practicing more effective? The answer is YES! There are a lot of articles on the internet describing amazing piano tips and tricks for practicing. Lucky for you, we've found and summarized our 3 favorite articles that give away the secrets to effective piano practicing!

Section by section practicing. Divide your piece into small sections and focus on getting the fingering and counting. Practice each section 7 times slow. Then slowly add all the sections together until you have played the whole piece. Dr. Brent Hugh explains that by practicing long sections you most likely will forget all the mistakes you have made by the time you get to the end. The best way to fix a problem part is to divide and conquer! To read the rest of his article click here.

Record your piano practice. Listening to yourself practice sometimes does not give you an accurate idea of what your piece actually sounds like. However, listening to a recording of yourself can help you listen objectively and can also help you identify certain trouble spots. You can also hear the parts that sound really good! To read more about the effectiveness of recording your songs click here.

Practice smarter, not longer. Let's be honest, most people get tired of focusing on one thing after about an hour (if not sooner). Break up your practice time into several smaller sections to make it easier. Karen Berger talks about how a smaller amount of focused practice is far more effective than repetitive drills that only create bad habits and mistakes. To finish reading her article click here.

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