Piano Lessons Blog - Having Fun with Honors Piano Camp!

Having Fun with Honors Piano Camp!

Turns out piano lessons CAN be fun and games... and we promise no one got hurt!
Ever heard of the game Samurai warrior? It's actually a really great way to work on focus and on keeping a steady beat. We played it today as a little break during our Honors Piano Camp with Dr. Van der Beek and we had SO much fun! Try to figure out the pattern from this little clip:
With everyone in a circle, have one person start by calling "Samurai warriors unite!" Then the group starts a pattern of 3s. On beat one, the person who is "it" raises their hands. On beat two, the two people on either side "chop" the one who is "it." Then on beat 3, that person sends the signal on to someone else in the circle, who then starts the next pattern of 3. Anyone who misses a beat is out!

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