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Get Your JumpStart to Piano Lessons Today!

Perfect for younger siblings who are ready for piano lessons, our JumpStart Summer Camp introduces new students to the fun of Piano Academy! With daily private instruction, several engaging group classes, shopping at the music store, and performing in a casual concert for parents and friends, students are ready to rock piano lessons in the fall!

Students will be put into groups with kids their own age, with four main areas of focus. These four areas will include:

Group Musicianship Lessons - Learn the basics of reading and rhythm through relays, beanbag toss, and more!

Private Piano Lessons - Spend time learning new songs with one of Utah Piano Conservatory's talented piano teachers

Theory Lab - Learn tips and tricks of music theory through group games and engaging iPad/Computer programs

Music History and Composition - Learn how the great composers created amazing music, then compose your own!

Through JumpStart Summer Camp, students learn as much in one week as they would attending two months of regular piano lessons! Get your jump start today!

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