Piano Lessons Blog - March Student of the Month: Max!

March Student of the Month: Max!

Congratulations to Max, our March student of the month! Our "Virtue for Virtuosos" in March was PATIENCE and Max has made huge progress in that area lately. After he performed in the November recital, Max asked to play "Viva la Vida" by Coldplay for his solo, which has some pretty tricky rhythms in it. It's taken us a while to work through them, but we've been super impressed with Max's attitude about taking on this challenge and by how much better he's getting at slow practice!

Here's what Max's mom shared with us about him:

Max is fun kid with lots of interests. He likes piano, acting, reading, scouts, basketball, football, & soccer. He's funny & friendly with everybody. This is what he likes about the Piano Academy: "I love that I get to choose my solo, and I love practicing my solo! It's super-fun to hear the full song. I've been focusing on practicing slowly, and I've been passing off more of my music. I like the whole piano academy. The teachers are nice, and I love the music store!"

We're really looking forward to hearing Max play in the May recital!

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