Piano Lessons Blog - On the Podium: The 2016 PianOlympics Medalists!

On the Podium: The 2016 PianOlympics Medalists!

As you might have seen a few weeks ago, in conjunction with the Rio 2016 Olympics we held our own Olympics event here at the Piano Academy! Students competed to see who could complete the most assignments in the given two weeks in several different categories, including method books, technique, and hymns according to their levels. We're excited to announce our PianOlympics medalists! (Because we had such a high number of students participating, and in order to avoid 7- or 8-way ties, we are awarding medals in all categories where students achieved a score of 3 or more - that is, they passed off at least 3 items in that category; so not every category will have medals for all 3. Students who would have gotten medals had we counted these many-way ties will receive an extra music buck reward!) We're so proud of all of our students' work!

Trampoline (Jump-Up/Ski-Down Exercises):
Gold Medal - Parker W.
Silver Medal - Alexis C.

Cycling (Hand-Over-Hand Five-Finger Patterns and Chords):
Gold Medal - June W.

Synchronized Swimming (Scales):
Gold Medal - Kate W.
Silver Medal - Taryn B.

Cycling (Chords and Cadences):
Gold Medal - Leah L.
Silver Medal - Colin W.
Bronze Medal - Marie A.

Hurdles (Arpeggios):
Gold Medal - Nathan P., Taryn B.
Silver Medal - Colin W.

Rhythmic Gymnastics: Hanon
Levels 1-3 Gold Medal - Kate W.
Levels 4-10 Gold Medal - Jessica W.

Long Jump (Lesson Book Pieces)
Gold Medal - Michael F.
Silver Medal - June W.
Bronze Medal - Huck W., Jessica W.

Pole Vault (Performance Book Pieces):
Gold Medal - Huck W., Parker W.

Taekwondo (Technique Book Pieces):
Gold Medal - Jessica W.
Silver Medal - Taryn B., Michael F.
Bronze Medal (a four-way tie!) - Kaelyn A., Bahdruun T., June W., Parker W.

And, in the All-Around category with the highest total number of things passed off:
Gold Medal - Jessica W.
Silver Medal - Parker W.
Bronze Medal - June W.

Go Piano Academy! Our next practicing event will be our 2017 Practicing Competition... stay tuned for more details!

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