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Welcome New Educators

Karmel Larson

Welcome New Educators

Kindermusik International, the Partnership of Kindermusik Educators (PKE), and Kindermusik Educators all over the globe extend a hearty welcome to YOU, the newest members of our Educator community!

Newly licensed educators are valuable and vital to the success of Kindermusik in every community. Consider the exposure ALL educators receive when a new educator joins our ranks: greater visibility, word of mouth, and yet another member of the educator community that we can recommend when our Kindermusik families move to another location beyond our studio’s reach. New educators bring energy and enthusiasm mixed with excitement in their readiness to impact families with the finely honed skills they acquired in Fundamentals. Existing educators have the opportunity to gain fresh, new perspective and insight into our ever changing programs, allowing Kindermusik to remain the premier music and movement program of choice for parents.

Pat yourself on the back for completing Fundamentals training; reach out to the greater educator community when you need assistance, and be ready to make not only a huge impact on the children’s lives that you teach, but all of us! Again, welcome to Kindermusik; so glad you are here!

Here’s our list by country of our newly licensed educators for January 2016.

Welcome, welcome, welcome!

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